Breathtaking places to camp around the world

There is no secret that nature takes plenty of forms. The entire world is blessed with amazing locations and it is your duty to discover them. Some of them can be absolutely breathtaking, no doubt about it. However, the challenge is finding them. Lazy monk believes that there is no such thing as best when it comes to nature’s creations. You cannot put your finger on certain locations and say without a shred of doubt that some are the best, whereas others only come close. This would of course mean that you have travelled all over the world, exploring each and every corner of the world. Even so, even with this huge amount of knowledge, you would find it incredible difficult to name only a few places as amazing or unbelievable. Naming a place the best would be a passing impulse, because as soon as you speak the word, a new and exciting location, more beautiful than anything you have seen would appear in front of you! However, Lazy Monk believes in offering options. Anything that might convince to take a leap into nature is certainly an idea encouraged by Lazy Monk. So, with your backpack all done and the hammock carefully placed inside, here are three locations you should be heading off to at least once in a lifetime.

Big Sur, California

It is a good idea to start with something close to home or better said, closer. Big Sur is that place of contradictions. As you are walking through the park, exploring under every leave, looking at every tree, suddenly, without any notice the beach appears in front of you, just after crossing the valley. It is absolutely amazing what Big Sur in its greatness. You can be sure that what you will find here will be so much more than expected. Just take your hammock and let this amazing park speaks to you. Hear its song.

The Isle of Arran, Scotland

Welcome to the highlands, land of William Wallace and the Immortals. Scotland is the place to head out to if you are planning to learn mystique languages, relish on nature, on wilderness and beauty. Imagine the dream you could having if you tie your hammock to two trees, ancient, old, strong trees on the isle of Arran. It will be a carousel of enigmas, symbols. The good news is that you have the rest of your life to figure them out!

Gulkana National Wild and Scenic River Campgrounds, Alaska

If you are looking for a place to relax, to let go of your everyday schedule, of the stress at home and at work, then you need to get on a plane and hurry to Alaska. This country has such respect for nature and people love taking part in it. There are campgrounds near all the big cities of Alaska, but one in particular seems to raise more interest than others. The Gulkana National Wild and Scenic River has everything it needs. It has the view, the fresh air, sport fishing opportunities, wildlife and what is most important, sturdy trees. Set up the hammock, quickly get inside it and get lost in the Alaskan air.