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We love when clients speak to us! The Monk is absolutely thrilled! Having worked such a long time to make sure that the hammock is exactly as his friend, the client, likes it, any feedback is more than welcomed. Here are some of the words that made the Monk tremble with joy!


"Lovely product! My husband and I absolutely love hiking and I can say, without a shred of doubt that this is the best hammock I have ever owned! Thank you Lazy Monk" - Emily Ruskin


"Killer hammock! Easy to use, lightweight and safe! My son and I love spending time in the hammock! " - John T.


"So happy with my purchase! The package came fast and Lazy Monk delivered as promised! We will most certainly purchase products from this supplier in the future! You can never have too many hammocks!" - Mark Rudger


"Thank you, Lazy Monk! Just got back from a camping trip, the first with your hammock! I could not be more thrilled! The hammock is simple to set up and we even read the horror stories around the campfire! Five stars from me!"  - Jean Parker


"Finally, a hammock you can trust! I used to think that these were not safe but my wife convinced me to buy yours! Best decision I ever made. It completely change my perspective of camping hammocks! So, thank you, Lazy Monk!"  - Matt Timmons


"My kids love the Monk! And we have been reading the story booklet every night since we got it! They can’t get enough of the hammock! We had to install it in the backyard! No regrets here, though! What a view of the stars they offer!"Shelley Robertson