Magnetic Screen Door
Magnetic Screen Door

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  • THE ONLY SCREEN DOOR FIT FOR YOUR HOME: The Lazy Monk Magnetic Screen Door with all installation accessories is that ONE PRODUCT you have been looking for. THICK mesh, perfect to get rid of nasty pests, yet THIN enough to ALLOW FRESH AIR to enter, this door screen protector is among the BEST kept secrets. No need to look towards other door screens! You’ve just found the right one for your needs!
  • COMPLETE SCREEN DOOR KIT: There is no need to INVEST in anything else to start using this AMAZING door screen protector. Just take a look at this COMPLETE SCREEN DOOR KIT. You’ll be able to use this magnetic screen door from the day you receive it. 20 Velcro pieces, to create a FULL FRAME, thumbtacks to secure the screen door if necessary & 1 natural rubber door stopper. What else could you possibly need?
  • PHENOMENAL MAGNETIC DOOR: This mesh screen door is TRULY SOMETHING ELSE! Say goodbye to screen doors of a poor quality and say hello to Lazy Monk’s version! PERFECTLY DESIGNED using super thick polyester mesh, this screen door cover measures 34 x 82 inches (100 x 210 cm), coming with 26 build-in magnets ENSURING A QUICK SEAL, secured by gravity sticks. Wave all bugs goodbye!
  • THE MAGNETIC DOOR CURTAIN WITH A SUPER FAST INSTALLATION: Forget all about those difficult to install screen doors! IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE! This black screen door is installed in just a few minutes. As long as you have all the screen door parts, you’ll get THE PROTECTION YOU NEED in no time! The brochure in screen door kit has all the steps! As for the removal, SIMPLE, leaving no marks behind.
  • PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT & BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: 5 year WARRANTY for your full screen door. Because we trust the quality of our products, if something ever happens with your screen door curtain, WE WILL CHANGE IT immediately without any costs or efforts from your side.

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